2014 KW Home & Garden Show

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth this past weekend. We hope you’re just as excited for Spring as we are!

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Monarch’s week according to our phone…

Monarch’s week according to our phone… was still a busy one, even with the typically wet and cold weather that Fall so generously brings us. The weather aside, we’re continuing to move along with a number of residential construction projects in Kitchener and Waterloo as well as new designs taking shape and new furniture delivered to the Studio.



We’re ever hopeful that mother nature will be kind and allow us to continue on late into the Fall with our schedule as we still have more projects on the horizon that we’re excited to tackle! Until next week …


New this Wednesday

Sometimes I enjoy the fact that I have self diagnosed (selective) short-term memory loss. At least that’s what I assume I suffer from, otherwise I doubt I would choose to highlight new outdoor accessories we have in the Studio with the scorching temperatures we’ve seen lately? While many in Southern Ontario have been finding solace within air-conditioned confines, I’m hopeful the below items are reason enough to get back outside and enjoy the summer months.

RS Watering Cans

With the humidity and heat we’ve seen recently, we should all be mindful not to forget our flowering friends and be sure to give them a drink regularly lest they turn to the other side of healthy. Even though the record rainfalls weren’t long ago, these guys will be parched and looking for some water. The above watering cans check the box of both form and function; allowing you to keep them out for all to see when not in use.

RS Dinnerware

With chores out of the way, it’s time to start thinking about having some friends over for a BBQ and entertaining. The Provence Solid White melamine plates make for great dinnerware both outdoors and in. No longer will you won’t have to worry about someone dropping their plate or even worse, the embarrassment of serving your guests with paper plates.

RS Glassware

No party can begin without refreshments – both alcoholic and non, of course. This would be the perfect time to bring out the Milano tumbler and wine glass. While the “unbreakable polycarbonate material” might sound a bit fancy for your friends, the only thing you have to key in on is the “unbreakable” part! Aside from the look my wife gave me when I tried it out and dropped one on the ground, no damage was done.

RS Dinner Caddy

If you don’t have an army of kids to carry everything outside for you, and even if you do and want to give them a break, ¬†this beautiful Rattan Dinner Caddy makes for an easy transition from the house to the outdoors.

RS Tuli

To keep the festivities going once the sun goes down, look to the lighting system from Tuli. Their range of lighting come with an easy to install plug-and-play system with an optional converter allowing you plug into any receptacle.

New this Wednesday

Every Wednesday we’ll be posting pictures of new items that we’ve recently brought into the store. One of things I really enjoy about being here is that I’m able to always be on the lookout for new and interesting items to bring into the Studio. Of course, this provides me with abundance of pieces I can choose from to highlight here.

Lately, I’ve been on a pretty big “old world style” kick as evidenced by the below pieces. I like using accessories that are strong enough to stand on their own either by size, material or their design. I don’t subscribe to the notion some people have that sometimes you just need a piece to fill an empty space. Even the smallest object in a room should be able to draw in the eye and hold that person’s attention and I would rather search out that final element than settle on something just to fill the space.

RS Copper Tea-lite

Copper 7-Lite Candle Holder

RS Horse Bookend

Black Horse Bookend

RS Marine Compass

3 Piece Marine Compass Stand

RS WP Guy Wolff 1

Guy Wolff Pottery

RS WP Tulip Vase

3 Stem Tulip Vase

RS WP Cherub

Pair of  Bronze Cherubs